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So, What is Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly renewable fuel created from fats and oils such as soybeans, rapeseed (Canola) and animal fats. Biodiesel can be blended at any percentage with diesel fuel and requires no engine modification; existing pump and storage tank infrastructure can also be employed making implementation into the nation’s fuel supply very simple.

Why Use Biodiesel

  • Environmentally Friendly – non-toxic, considered an insignificant aquatic toxin by NIOSH
  • Better Emissions Profile
  • Optimal Engine Performance
  • Energy Balance – provides best return on btu investment of all fuels
  • Direct Aid to U.S. Agriculture – benefits Agriculture and creates value-added opportunities
  • National Security – reduces dependence upon foreign oil
  • National Deficit – reduces transfer of wealth offshore
  • Stable Cost Platform – feedstocks for biodiesel are much more stable than petroleum
  • Creates Localized Fuel Supply – avoids pipeline/centralized refinery disruption issues

For More on Biodiesel

Piedmont BioFuels The definitive “open source” advocates for all things Biofuels related; North Carolina is fortunate to have Rachel, Leif and Lyle on the forefront of the Biofuels movement.
Local B100 Maria “Girl Mark” Alovert is another true advocate for small scale quality fuel production.
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