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Break the Chain
Worldchanging Movie

Global Warming
The debate continues but mounting evidence indicates climate change is occurring and is the most important issue facing the world today. These sites offer varying viewpoints; if you are so inclined join the global warming march at

Union of Concerned Scientists
National Resources Defense Council
World View of Global Warming
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

As if Global Warming Wasn’t Enough, Think About Global Dimming

The Earth Institute

Ecological Economics – Steady State Economics
These sites detail looking at economic growth in terms that the economy is a subset of the environment, and the environmental resources are finite, therefore economic growth is finite, to be sustainable it must be “steady-state”

The Gund Institute
U.S. Organization for Ecological Economics
International Organization for Ecological Economics
And you thought Hubbert only studied Oil
Herman Daly
Herman Daly bio
What is Plan B 2.0?

Information on North American Fossil Fuels Usage

One Thousand Links for learning how North America uses fossil fuels
Statistics from US Energy Information Administration

Renewable Energy

Dept. of Energy, Renewable Energy
NC GreenPower
NC Sustainable Energy Association

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